Your machine is just a mouse click away!

BOMAG has taken efficiency to another level with the power of telematics. Using any internet enabled device you can monitor and manage your fleet with BOMAG TELEMATIC. You will always know where your machines are, how they are being used and when the next service is due.

Warnings and alerts can be automatically programmed and, of course, all recorded data can be tracked.

BOMAG TELEMATIC START is available as an option on self-propelled BOMAG models and BOMAG TELEMATIC POWER is available as an option on self-propelled BOMAG rollers with electronic control, pavers, planers, refuse compactors and MPH recyclers/stabilisers.

BOMAG TELEMATIC START, the base package, provides the following functions:

  • Location tracking
  • Geo-Fence (a warning indicates the machine has left a defined area)
  • Monitoring standing time (a warning indicates the machine is operating outside of defined times)
  • Records operating hours
  • Service and maintenance planning

BOMAG TELEMATIC POWER, this more comprehensive solution offers the following features additional to those on the basic package:

  • Total and average fuel consumption for all time periods
  • Utilisation of capacity and efficiency
  • Idle running control
  • Alarm warnings under key operating conditions (low oil pressure, high cooling water temperature, etc.)

You know where your machine is.

Your machine is always just a mouse click away.  You know exactly where your machine is located. Long telephone calls are a thing of the past – whether you’re concerned with transport, usage or scheduled service intervals.

You know if your machine is where it is supposed to be.

Define virtual geographic areas and assign them to specific machines. If the machine leaves that area an alarm warning will be sent via e-mail. This simplifies the tracking of machines and offers additional security. The system detects the threat of theft in real time.


You know if the machine is being used without authorisation.

Define time periods when the machine should not be operated. If the machine moves or is operated an alarm warning is sent via e-mail.

BOMAG TELEMATIC is a complete package available for 36 months comprising hardware, data transfer and data provision. BOMAG TELEMATIC works throughout Europe, North America and Australia. At the end of the 36 months, the service can be extended under the terms and conditions applicable at that time. Installation by BOMAG in machines from other manufacturers is possible giving you a robust and versatile system for your entire fleet!

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