BOMAG light compaction tandem rollers with Tier 4 final engines


BOMAG has extended its range of machines meeting the Tier 4 final emissions standard to include light tandem rollers. A model with the new engine can be seen at the Executive Hire Show ( Coventry next week. Customers benefit from a future-proof investment and enhanced fields of application, as the rollers can also be used in cities with fine particulate restrictions. The environmental impact of construction machinery is increasingly becoming a competitive factor. Requirements for low NOx and particulate emissions already place high requirement on the engines used. It’s foreseeable that legal regulations restricting ‘dirty’ diesel engines will be introduced for large urban conurbations as early as next year. London already has a ‘low emissions zone ( More here.

Light articulated tandem rollers are available worldwide with Tier 4 final Kubota engines and diesel particulate filters. This includes models in the weight classes 1.8 t to 3.0 t (engine power 24.6 kW) and 3.0 to 5.0 t (engine power 33.6 kW) which until the end of 2017 only have to meet Stage 3B standards. These innovative engines are already well proven in other BOMAG machines. These engines are characterised by strong performance, high efficiency and environmentally friendly emission values. Users benefit from an environmentally mature complete solution and eliminate the need for the technically complex and costly retrofitting of a diesel particulate filter.

The advantages of the diesel particulate filter are already apparent today. Their use in Switzerland, for example, is obligatory. Cities such as Stuttgart and Tübingen already have fine particulate restrictions that regulate the use of heavy equipment. Other cities are bound to follow. For construction machine operators, this means that only those who invest in modern engines that meet the strictest emissions standards today is on the safe side of future developments – and that applies throughout the world.

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From 2019 all off-highway construction equipment of any power rating will need to meet Stage 5 standards which call for even lower ‘particulate matter’ counts than Stage 4.