#intelligentcompaction ASPHALT



As the leader in compaction technology and the exponent of #intelligentcompaction you’d expect BOMAG to know a thing or two about rolling asphalt, and they do!

Uniquely BOMAG’s large tandem rollers can be purchased with 3 different exciter systems that produce the right type and frequency of vibration for different jobs! Each application is different and BOMAG allows you to select the right ‘tool’ for the job, maximizing productivity and assuring that the job is done right first time.

BOMAG’s ‘standard’ vibration is far from standard. With two amplitudes and individually operable drums this technology can be used on a wide range of applications and projects to provide good productivity and an excellent mat finish.


For sensitive work TanGO is just the ticket. TanGO is designed for work on seams, including hot to cold, near buildings and even on bridges. TanGO is simple to use and has one amplitude which is optimized for the applications for which it is designed. TanGO eliminates drum bounce drastically reducing the crushing of the aggregate.


TanGO compaction uses two exciter shafts that rotate in the same direction. Torque is generated around the drum axis in such a way that the drum quickly keeps alternating its effective direction, forwards and backwards, so that the mat is compacted at double the frequency giving a superb finish. For peace of mind the TanGO drum has an 8,000 hour ‘life-time’ warranty.

For the ultimate in ‘intelligent-compaction’ BOMAG has Asphalt Manager 2, which delivers intelligent, flexible compaction, and more.

AM2 is the most flexible compaction system available. It can operate in manual mode or fully automatically. AM2 measures the compaction under the machine in real-time and delivers ‘directed-vibration’ at the just the right force to optimize compaction in any circumstance.


With AM2 fewer passes are required, saving time and fuel. As the asphalt cools the system automatically reduces the amplitude reducing the risk of crushed aggregate. For work on thin layers or on bridges the amplitude can be manually adjusted down to very fine levels. Uniquely AM2 matches the direction of vibration to the direction of travel. At stand-still AM2 automatically sets vibration to fully horizontal preventing the drum sinking into the asphalt surface and allowing a quick start when travel is selected.


The BOMAG range of equipment, and its breadth of technology, truly delivers #intelligentcompaction on any application