BOMAG is helping to revolutionize the rail infrastructure sector with a truly unique machine, a road/rail self-propelled single drum vibrating roller.

Based on a production BOMAG BW 213 BVC 4i, and developed in conjunction with road/rail engineering experts Rexquote, the new BOMAG machine can mount and de-mount, under its own power, from the permanent way and operate away from the rails compacting soil or stone. Weighing in at 16 tonnes the BW 213 BVC 4i is a powerful and productive machine capable of tackling the toughest production jobs in civil engineering. Equally at home compacting soil, gravel, sand or crushed rock the machine can compact up to 1,400 m3 of material per hour at a layer depth of up to 1.2 metres.

The BW 213 BVC 4i is a sophisticated machine fitted with integrated BOMAG proprietary technology to maximise productivity and minimise operating costs. Powered by a ‘Stage 3B’ 119 kW Deutz engine, and fitted with BOMAG ECOMODE that automatically adjusts engine power to match the machine’s demand for power, the BW 213 BVC 4i is powerful yet frugal. Fuel savings of up to 30%, with fewer engine emissions, compared to conventional machines are delivered on-site in ‘real world’ applications.

Network Rail has now gained first hand experience of using the machine in a ‘real-world’ situation and the feedback is extremely positive!

See the report below.

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